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The CDF is pleased to offer the:

Rita Purcell-Robertson Scholarship ($4,000)

David H. Narburgh Scholarship ($2,500)

These scholarships are designed to recognize students who have demonstrated out-standing clinical potential. These awards will be granted to current or rising graduate students in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology enrolled in one of the following universities in Virginia: Hampton University, James Madison University, Longwood University, Old Dominion University, Radford University, or the University of Virginia. 

The CDF Scholarship has been renamed the Rita Purcell-Robertson Scholarship in memory of Rita, who was a staunch advocate for speech-language pathologists throughout the state of Virginia. Rita believed in preparing the next generation of speech-language pathologists through her work as a clinical supervisor, college professor, mentor to students and new professionals, and service to the profession through ASHA, SHAV, and CDF.  

The David H. Narburgh Scholarship was so designated to honor the singular, outstanding service of David Narburgh as member and President of the CDF Board of Trustees and as Silent Auction Chair from 1991 to 2001. From his perspective as a longtime clinician and administrator, David inspires and challenges scholarship recipients to embrace continuing education and networking across work settings as they enter the field.

 recipients of the 2019 CDF Scholarships

The CDF wishes to thank each of the scholarship applicants for their submissions. We wish all of the students well in the upcoming academic year. We expect to hear great things in the future from the newest cohort of SLPs and Audiologists as you enter the professions, becoming active participants and life-long learners.

Samantha King, an SLP graduate student at James Madison University, has been awarded the Rita Purcell-Robertson Scholarship in the amount of $4,000.

Sarah Wright, a student who just completed her undergraduate work at Longwood University and will be entering the AUD program at James Madison University, has been awarded the
David H. Narburgh Scholarship in the amount of $2,500. 


Samantha King

Samantha King graduated from James Madison University in May of 2018 with her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Currently, she is a second-year graduate student in Speech-Language Pathology at JMU, AKA a “Double Duke.” In her first year, Samantha worked as a Graduate Assistant for the Department of Health Professions. As part of her clinical placements, she worked on an adult neurological diagnostic team and on a Parkinson’s Disease diagnostic research team. This past summer, she worked in a therapy-intensive Autism Camp while collaborating closely with Occupational Therapists.

Currently, her interests are varied; she enjoys working with children, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She hopes to work in a private practice or school-based setting while working closely with the ASD population in conjunction with Augmentative and Alternative Communication. In addition, she particularly enjoys working with adults related to the areas of cognitive communication and AAC. Aiding both children and adults with every day, functional communication tools is a strong area of interest for her.

Samantha is excited to join the workforce after graduating and completing her CF. After gaining further clinical experiences, she hopes to one day work towards her PhD, likely in regard to the ASD population. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and traveling.

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Sarah Wright

My name is Sarah Wright, a recent graduate of Longwood University and current first-year student at James Madison University in the doctoral program in Audiology. My clinical interest is working with clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a professional in CSD I hope to work with children with hearing loss. Another goal for myself is to establish a community outreach program with a focus on educating others on the causes and effects of hearing loss.

CDF Wall of Scholars

Rita Purcell-Robertson Scholars
2019: Samantha King, JMU 
2018: Julia Spong, UVA
 2017: Elizabeth Rainville, ODU
 2016: Taylor Miller, JMU
 2015: Erin Griffin, UVA

David H. Narburgh Scholars
2019: Sarah Wright, LU
2018: Emily C. Speaks, RU
2017: Victoria Thomas, UVA
2016: Megan Bell, RU
2015: Claire Bridgeforth, JMU
2014: Nikki Davis, LU
2013: Lauren Michelle Harris, JMU
2012: Mary (Molly) Mattare, UVA
2011: Nicole Marie Gabriel, JMU:
2010: Ye-Kyung An, JMU
2009: Andrea Brewer, LU
2008: Catherine Hrivnak, UVA
2007: Kendall Carwile, ODU
2005: Jennifer Bertram, ODU
2004: Adrienne Lindsay Watson, JMU
2003: Tatiana Richardson, HU
2002: Jill Stubblefield, JMU

CDF Scholarship Recipients

2014: Julie Sadoff, UVA
2013: Whitney Morris, RU
2012: Rachel Ritter, ODU
2011: Elizabeth Schottinger, UVA
2010: Beth McHose, ODU
2009: Stephanie Martin, UVA
2008: Heather Donald, UVA
2007: Elena Jones, UVA
2005: Carrie Lopez, UVA
2004: Julie Kane, JMU
2003: Michelle Hilton, JMU
2001: Amy Stone, JMU
2000: Victoria Cardwell, RU
1999: Victoria Cardwell, LU
1998: Susan Aicardi, JMU
1997: Shiree Harbick, JMU
1996: Marie Duell, UVA
1995: Michelle Hebert, ODU
1994: Amy Tomlinson, RU
1993: Catherine Baer, ODU
1991: Joan Daley, UVA; Cynthia Hackworth, RU
       Deborah Kline, ODU; Melissa Laing, JMU
       Marissa Thomas, HU
1990: Jackie Batkins, JMU; Janice Buck, RU
          Lisa Jane McKenna, UVA; Victoria McIntosh, ODU
          Anna Parsells, HU