1990  Margaret                  McElroy

1991  Lissa Power-                Cluver

1993  Ralph Bralley

1994  Patti Peters

1995  Martha                     Bountress

1996  Carol James

1997  Barbara Fee

1998  Pat Dewey

1999  Birdie Minor

2000  Henry Hecker

2001  Danny                         Gnewikow

2004  Sally Jones-               McNamara

2005  Gayle Daly

2006  Jessica                      Norton

2008  Brenda C.                  Seal

2009  Angie Coggin

2010  Valerie H.
         St. John

2013   Gary Pillow

2014  C. Ed Vann

2015  Rita Purcell-

2017  Marie Ireland

2018 Laura Phillips

2019 Darlene robke

Friend of the Foundation Award

This award is given to an individual who or business that has made an extraordinary contribution of time,money, and/or resources to the Foundation over the years. The CDF Board acts as both nominating and selection committee for this award.


Friend of the Foundation Award REcipients

1998 Al King
1999 Paul Harvey

2000 Patti Peters; LinguiSystems

2001 Lissa Power-DeFur; Super Duper Publications

2002 David Narburgh; 
James River Chesterfield Lions Club

2004 Lori Gardner

2010 Shields Jones

2010 Karen Cersley

2011 Joseph
2016 Scott Rankins
2016 Ed Vann


MARTHA Mullins-Callender Award

In 1989, the Communication Disorders Foundation of Virginia established the Martha Mullins-Callender Award in Martha's memory. The Martha Mullins-Callender Award is presented to an individual currently working in the field of communication disorders who is an example of Martha's belief in the ability of an individual to overcome all obstacles to ensure that the services we deliver, the profession we represent, and the professional organization that serves us (our "products") flourish in the marketplace.

Martha received her master's degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Virginia and became a clinical supervisor at Old Dominion University later in her career. She served the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia tirelessly in leadership positions from 1980 through 1987 as Secretary, SHAV-A-GRAM Editor, President Elect and Conference Chair, President, and Past President.

She was elected President of the ASHA Council of State Association Presidents in 1986. In 1985, she served as chair of the SHAV committee that created the Communication Disorders Foundation of Virginia. She became the Foundation's first president in 1986 and served on the Board of Directors until 1988. In 1988, she was presented the honor of SHAV Fellow. 

On both a personal and professional level, Martha exhibited a sense of graciousness and unassailable integrity, informed by a delightful and occasionally incendiary wit. Martha could tell the truth, no holds barred, and do it in a way that left one wanting more. Martha passed away in 1988. 

Anyone may nominate a professional practicing in the field of communication disorders in Virginia by submitting a letter of nomination and securing at least two letters of support for the nomination. The letters must illustrate the ways in which the nominee exemplifies leadership and ideals that Martha represented and which make the nominee a "champion" of the profession. The award traditionally is made in the form of a plaque and a personalized gift and is presented at the annual conference of the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia. 

Letters of nomination and support must contain the author's name, title, relationship to the nominee, address, and telephone number, and e-mail address. Nominations are due by December 31 of each year and should be directed to:

Scott Rankins, CDF President
Communication Disorders Foundation of Virginia
P.O. Box 6342
Charlottesville, VA 22906-6342

OR Click Below

2019 Martha Mullins-Callender Recipient

Scott Rankin (from the CDF) and Darlene Robke (2018 MMC Award).jpg

This year, the 2019 Martha Mullins-Callender Award was bestowed to Darlene Robke at the SHAV General Meeting on Saturday, March 9.  Darlene is employed as a speech-language pathologist by EBS. She served on the SHAV Board from 2011 – 2018 in multiple roles including President. Darlene was awarded a SHAV Fellow award in 2018. “Darlene not only met the criteria but has exemplified the values exhibited by our friend, Martha Mullins-Callender… Darlene is a champion for the growth of student SLPs as well.” (C. Edward Vann, Former SHAV President)

Darlene initiated Advocacy Day to engage students from all six Virginia Universities with degrees in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology to participate. She secured ASHA grants to support SHAV and student participation with Advocacy Day efforts. Her enthusiasm for student involvement was exemplified at the new College Bowl at the SHAV Conference. “Darlene listens to the audiologists and speech-language pathologists in all settings. She hears what motivates, what hinders, what needs to keep building momentum and what needs to change. What I admire most about Darlene is that she does not just hear. Darlene acts. When she acts, she is a force to be reckoned with.” (Amber Handon, SHAV President)