Investing in the Future, With a Glimpse at the Past

The quarterly SHAV-A-GRAM offers a chance to communicate with patrons, colleagues, and professionals (old and new), as Virginia’s audiology and speech-language pathology stakeholders, about our investments. In the 33 years the CDF has existed, we’ve managed to grow a small portfolio ($39,102). Annual auctions, letter-writing campaigns, membership donations, and your unsolicited gifts have far exceeded that amount, but where we’ve invested dollars, and pennies on the dollars, to reach ALMOST $40,000 (our Raymond James Investors and Union Bank brokers told us in August), we’ve ASLO INVESTED THE BULK in student awards. Julia Spong (UVA) and Emily Speaks (Radford) mark our 49th and 50th scholarship recipients since 1990. (Read Judy Rassi’s interviews in the post below).

And here’s a pitiful fact: $20 doesn’t go nearly as far in the movie world or at the drive-through today as it did in 1990; but your $20 does combine with another’s $10-, $50-, or $100-donation to move us closer to the $40,000 milestone. We’re almost at the point where our investment allows us to draw from the interest without touching principal.

We believe that investing in those who promise quality AUD and SLP prevention, evaluation, and intervention services to our parents, children, spouses, friends, and to us when we become the clients, deserve our investments now. The return is so much more valuable than the cost of a move ticket or drive-through burger.

Visit the donate link and HELP US REACH $40,000!

Thank you so very much,

Brenda Seal, CDF President