The "Interprofessional" CDF

These contemporary terms—interprofessional practice (IPP), interprofessional collaboration (IPC), and interprofessional education (IPE)—are making a growing impact on what we do in our 2018 SLP and AUD practices, on how we look at and value working with other professionals, and on how we educate future SLPs and AUDs. The word interprofessional is replacing multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary to draw attention to the human, the individual, the “professional,” not so much to the discipline(s). It is always the professional who makes a difference for those with communication, vestibular, and swallowing needs.  

In borrowing from the interprofessional focus, the CDF calls your attention to the numerous causes so many individuals support from year to year: campaigns that raise money for charities; for our local churches, fellowships, temples, and mosques; for art, music, dance, and theatre; for local school drives and benefits; for sports teams, clubs, and organizations; for cancer, dementia, and other health care research. As donators, we trust professionals to manage our donations to the best interests of those in need.

The CDF is made up of a group of volunteers, all professionals at one stage or another, and all committed to the two professions we love: audiology and speech-language pathology. We volunteer to serve on the CDF to raise money for scholarships and awards, for current and future AUDs and SLPs, investing in their professional futures. We reach out, in a spirit of collaboration. WILL YOU make a donation to the CDF?  WILL YOU ask other professionals with whom you work to make a donation? WILL YOU help us grow our contributions in these summer months? Will you COLLABORATE with us as donors? PRACTICE stewardship with us as givers to the future? EDUCATE others about the Communication Disorders Foundation of Virginia?

Visit our newly revised website at and give whatever you can. No amount, however small or large, is without tremendous value when it’s given to help others and in a spirit of (inter)professional collaboration.       


Brenda Seal, CDF President