Writing Thank You Notes

I think it’s like saying “yes ma’am,” “no sir,” and holding the door for older folks and women—they’re social behaviors fading into obscurity. It occurred to me recently when a college student at Gallaudet held the door open for me, and I said and signed “THANK YOU” to his back, he didn’t catch it. Maybe he didn’t need to be thanked, but I wish I had been more visible in letting him know I appreciated it. People do so many kind things just because they’re part of daily routines, without requirements for formal thank-yous.

The CDF Trustees are always asking SHAV members for their kindly contributions to support the CDF by giving—to the annual auction, to the scholarship funds, to nominate colleagues so we can give awards. In past years, we have thanked you by listing your names in the winter SAG. This year, Judy Rassi directs your attention to our CDF website, for an acknowledgement of your gifts and our thanks. She also “thanks” Verbalina as she retires, for giving tirelessly to so many of us SHAV-goers over the years. And I’m adding a literal and “figurative” gesture here [signing, saying, and writing THANK YOUto the CDF Trustees, to the SHAV Board, and to the management firm, for all that you give without ever expecting a formal thank-you.

—Brenda Seal, President, CDF of Virginia