Verbalina Announces Retirement

Get ready!  Verbalina, the straw doll first introduced to SHAV Conference goers by Rita Purcell-Robertson at the CDF auction in 2003, has decided to retire.  As you likely know, Verbalina has been a hard worker, dedicating her time and energy to our field, always doing her part in raising funds for CDF scholarships and awards.  Understandably, the rigorous demands of this important work have taken their toll.  After devoting so much of her career visiting and networking with those who were fortunate enough to offer the winning bid for a year’s worth of her delightful company, Verbalina looks forward to this well-deserved time of rest.  She is quite tired, even a bit worn out.  And so it is that she plans to step down from her ambassadorial role and take it easy.  Please join us on the CDF Board in wishing her well.


This retirement, of course, leads to the inevitable question:  Is there someone waiting in the wings to take Verbalina’s place?  Well, yes, there is.  For now, though, we are keeping the identity of this individual a well-guarded secret!  Here are a few clues:  she’s a she; she’s a doll; she’s cute and soft and cuddly; she’s loveable; and she’s younger than her predecessor.  That’s it for now!  To find out her name and actually see her in person, be sure to attend the CDF Live Auction at the 2018 Sixtieth Anniversary SHAV Conference.  And, while you’re there, please offer your bid on this brand new representative of the next generation.

—Judy Rassi, CDF Contributor