Communication Disorders Foundation of Virginia

That 2016 was a memorable year is indisputable.  But not just politically or nationally.  As with all the years of our lives, 2016 undoubtedly affected each of us in countless other ways that we will long remember.  For those students who received CDF scholarship awards or participated in the now-annual CDF-sponsored poster session at the SHAV Conference, this year was certainly memorable.  And you, our loyal donors, helped make it so.  With gratitude, the Communication Disorders Foundation deeply appreciates your generosity. 


Auction item donors - Individual

Al King
Andrea Brewer
Christina Clarke
Cliff Bruce
Collette Reynolds
David Narburgh
Debora Forrester
Diane Shelton
Edward Vann
Fredia Helbert

Gayle Daly
Jacquelyne Ragland
Janet Hillyard
Jeannie Proctor
Leah Blackman
Linda Meyer

Lissa Power-de-Fur
Lori Gardner
Marie Ireland
Nancy Wampler
Pat Dewey
Patti Peters
Rita Purcell-Robertson
Scott Rankins

Sue Bird
Tina Eid


Brookes Publishing
Loudon County SLP Group

University NSSLHA groups

James Madison University
Longwood University

Old Dominion University

Radford University
University of Virginia

Gifts in kind

Adrianna Trigiani, author
Glenn Gatzke, CDF logo/brochure design
Karen Cersley, Web Master
SHAV Board of Directors--support with          room, food, bartender for auction
SHAV management firm--arrangements for    exhibit table and auction and for offering    charging capability

Shields Jones, auctioneer


Auction item purchasers

Al King
Allison Nutting
Amanda McGinnis
Amber Ward
Anastasia Raymer
Andrea Brewer
Angela Moss

Angie Coffman

Angie Coggin

Ann Martin
Ann Vaughn
Anne Michalek
Bambi Bryant
Barbara Blevin
Barbara McCann
Becky Edmonds
Beth Bolton
Beth Nottingham
Brittany Lewis
Cara Beville
Carrie Cilento
Chrissy Gibbs
Cindy Conca
Cindy  O’Donaghue
Cynthia Mutimer
David Narburgh
Dawn Hamilton
Dayanna Vance-Rodrigues
Debbie Goodman
Diane Shelton
Diane Veneray
Donna Bryant
Donna Hepner
Edie Hapner
Edward Vann
Elizabeth Edens
Elizabeth Tchurekaw
Emma Wright
Florence Chen
Fredia Helbert
Gabriell Condecido
Gary Pillow
Jaimee Traub
Janet Freeman
Janet Hillyard

Jessica Rice
Johanna Klein
Joy Jones

Kaitlynne Gibbs
Kara Vessey

Karen Black
Karen Jackson
Kari Harrison
Katelyn Swiader
Kelly Williams
Kellyn Hall
Leah Blackman
Lissa Power-deFur

Longwood University (Verbalina)
Mani Aguilar
Melissa Jakubovitz
Michelle Brown
Nancy O'Hare
Nancy Wampler
Nickie Foster
Pat Dewey
Patti Peters

Peggy Agee
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Redman
Renee Garrett
Scott Rankins

Shannon Salley
Shari Robertson
Susan McGlothlin
Tommy Davis
Wendy Pulliam

Individual donors for the 2015-2016 SHAV Membership Year and 2016 Conference Year

Anastasia Raymer
Andrea Brewer
Brenda Seal
Cheryl Brenton
Filip Loncke
Fredia Helbert
Jessica Norton
Julie Farrar-Hersch
Kathryn McGinn
Katrina Eid
Kellyn Hall
Lanita Sailsman
Leigh Anne Phillips
Patti Peters
Peggy Agee
Ruth Ann Brooks
Susan Payne
Vanessa Mayer
Victoria Bunch
Wendy Pulliam

Honor donors

Brenda Seal--in honor of Peggy Agee's           retirement
Lillian and Michael Beahm--in honor of Patti    Peters

Memorial donors

Christina Clarke--in memory of Marty             Lenhardt
Gary Pillow--in memory of Joan Dorsey
Gayle Daly--in memory of Joe Stettinius
Judith Rassi--in memory of Joe Stettinius
Kim Johnson--in memory of Rita Purcell-         Robertson
Linda Meyer--in memory of Joe Stettinius
Loudon County SLP Group, Mary Ann             Wyatt--in memory of Rita Purcell-                 Robertson
Margaret McElroy--in memory of Joe               Stettinius
Pat Dewey--in memory of Joe Stettinius
Peggy Agee--in memory of Joe Stettinius
Roanoke SLP Group, Angie Coffman, Karen   Black, Mary Beth Coffey, Linda Carr, Beth     Griffin, Ann Orem Peterson, Holly Vaught,     Jennifer Miller--in memory of Joan Dorsey

Other individual donors

Brenda Seal
Edward Vann
Elizabeth Edens
James Nicely
Janet Stack
Judith Rassi
Julie Farrar-Hersch
Margaret McElroy
Marian Fredner
Scott Rankins and Anita Schmidt 

Even as we recall 2016, the CDF Board looks forward to receiving your support again in 2017.  For our students, for our profession, we hope it will be another year to remember.  NOTE:  Please let us know if we need to make any corrections in the above records.